Transforming Your Space: Before and After Vertical Blind Installations

Vertical blinds for home in Perth, WA.

A home or office without a window looks blind, as windows are known to be the eyes of any space, be it a home or a commercial space. A see-through window to view the outdoor activity, with the natural lighting pouring inside the room, gives a soothing feeling. When this can be counted as a boon, sometimes the excessive sunlight can become a bane, and people struggle with the sunlight and the heat it generates. 

This is where vertical blinds come into the picture. Space transformation begins here, not just functionally but aesthetically and with durability. Suppose one has dreamt of creating a contemporary and elegant home or office, in that case, there are a plethora of vertical blind designs, fabrics, and textures available. 

Below, we will delve into some before and after use cases of installing vertical blinds in your home and learn how choosing the right ones can enhance your home or office.


Living Room: From Sun Drenched to Serene

Before: Your living room has manual pull and push curtains, which make it look fundamental. This calls for a change from a simple, bare look to a stylish, more captivating, and light-controlled room. 

With ordinary curtains, the view outside may look beautiful, but the scorching heat outside can heat your space to a great extent.

After: Welcome the most aesthetically and functionally beautiful vertical blinds!

Installing vertical blinds with a sober color that matches your home or office decor significantly changes the scenario and the place’s vibe. These blinds offer natural light protection and privacy, allowing the right amount of light to enter the room from the windows in the proportion you want. Give your home a sophisticated and cozy feeling with vertical blinds. 

Bedroom: From Daybreak Disruption to Dawn Delights

Before: After a good night’s sleep, the early morning sun rays pouring lightly into the room give a feeling of freshness. However, when the curtains are installed, they cannot control the sunlight during heavy sunlight hours, and it becomes difficult to sleep post-morning hours.This causes a lack of privacy and disturbs sleep.

After: In this case, opting for dark-shaded or black-out vertical blinds becomes an ideal option. This prevents unwanted light from entering the room during heavy sunlight hours and gives you a relaxing sleep. One can also choose a neutral-colored fabric depending on the decor and furniture of the room.

Home Office: Creating a Calmer Work Environment: Light and Privacy Solution

Before:  If your office has a large-sized window that allows much glare to come in, this hinders the productivity and focus of the team. 

After: Vertical blind installation boosts productivity; depending on the color of the walls and furniture, one can choose a neutral tone or a darker shade as a light filtering option. The blinds make your work environment easy.

The Final Transformation

Elevate your space with stylish and functional vertical blinds. The above before and after scenarios show how vertical blinds can transform your space from a standard room to an aesthetically appealing and comfortable one.

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