Vertical Blinds

Felling safe and secure in your home is important. This Roller shutter installation was over the front Bedroom of a small block 3×2 home for senior downsizers and down the sides of the corner block.

About Project

At The Shade Store Company, we grasp the gravity of having the right window treatment that not only looks exceptional but impart solitude, safety, and repose. Our client, Steve and Jane from East Perth, were looking for a window treatment that would dispense all these gratifications so we endorsed vertical blinds.

During the complimentary consultation, our team conversed with Steve and Jane about the merits of vertical blinds, including their power to provide outstanding privacy control, block out the direct sunlight, and their effortless usage. The vertical blind slats are made from the fabric provided by pre-eminent supplier, which are extremely durable, a breeze to clean and too trustworthy to maintain.

Our team installed the vertical blinds specifically designed for Steve and Jane’s home, and they were immensely content with the result. The vertical blinds looked the part of their home and provisioned them with the solitude and safety they were keen for.

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