Benefits of Installing Double Curtains in Your Living Room

Double layer curtains

Just like a heart is essential to a body, living rooms and living room curtains are crucial parts of any house. The decor and aesthetics of any living room decide the vibe of the house. This place, which is generally defined as a place for relaxation, entertainment, or stress relief, needs the proper treatment with the right decor and aesthetics. Before we discuss what kind of curtains are best for living room windows, it’s essential to understand how the concept of windows originated in ancient times.

Dating back to the concept of windows
A hundred years ago, the Romans were the first known to use glass for windows, whereas ancient China, Korea, and Japan often used paper. A number of ancient Egyptian wall paintings and sculptures depict windows from Assyria. Roman homes were adorned with large glass openings known as light wells in ancient times; the concept of picture windows goes back to that time. These early versions of picture windows were prized for their ability to flood interiors with natural light while giving a glimpse of the outside world.

Ideally, a pair of double curtains for a living room offers both style and functionality. Before we discuss double-layered curtains, let’s understand what they are and how they benefit living room houses.

What are double-layered curtains?
Modern homes increasingly prefer double-layered curtains for window dressings. This style consists of two individual curtains, one sheer (also called voile or net curtains) and one thicker, more textured, lined fabric.

The colors, patterns, textures, and styles available for double-layered curtains make them a versatile choice for a living room at any given time. They complement any home decor in the living room, be it traditional or modern aesthetics.

Enhanced Light Control:
Double-layered curtains are known to control the natural light coming in from the room windows. The outer layer of sheer curtains allows diffused light to enter the space, giving the room perfect privacy. The outer layer of double-layered curtains made out of thick fabric darkens the room, giving you an ideal sleep even during the daytime.

Improved Insulation:
Double-layered curtains are multitaskers. During cold seasons, they trap the heat inside, keeping the room warm, protecting energy, and reducing the cost of the heater. During hotter months, they block the heat from the sun and function as an insulator, reducing the cost of air conditioning.

Reduction in Noise Levels:
Have the busy streets, neighbourhoods, or vendors been testing your patience level and disturbing your peace? Double-layered curtains can bring a considerable amount of peace to the living room, acting as a perfect sound barrier.

Aesthetic Appeal:
Double-layered curtains with a varied combination of textures and patterns in the fabrics add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room. They create elegance and sophistication, completing the home decor.

Double curtains come in with a multitude of advantages for your perfect living room decor. Its versatility and functionality is apt to complement any decor style.


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